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1. Silage that is improperly ensiled may fail to ferment to a pH less than 5.0, which disease commonly occurs in ruminants fed such silage.
a). Nervous coccidiosis
b). Toxiconinfectious botulism
c). Listeriosis
d). Hepatoencephalopathy

2. Which respiratory disease do bacteria cause?
a). Infectious Bronchitis
b). Fowl pox
c). Infectious coryza
d). Laryngyotracheitis

3. Transmission of anthrax may occur by
a). Direct contact with infected animal b). Ingestion of undercooked meat
c). Arthropod
d). All of above

4. A complete necropsy of the animals is contraindicated in which of the following diseases strongly suspected.
a). Brucellosis
b). Anthrax
c). Listeriosis
d). Black leg

5. Actinobacillus ligniersi infections in sheep differ from those in cattle
a). Cattle develop ulcerative stomatitis, but sheep develop granulomatous glossitis
b). Cattle develop granulomatous swelling, but sheep develop granulomatous
c). Cattle develop granulomatous glossitis, but sheep develop granulomatous
facial edema
d). Cattle develop granulomatous lymphadenopathy, but sheep develop
granulomatous glossitis

6. Louping-ill is caused by
a). Flavi virus
b). Pertivirus 
c). Hepatitis c virus
d). Rubi virus

7. Drop in egg production in layers is not a feature in
a). Newcastle Disease
b). Infectious Laryngotracheitis
c). Infectious Bronchitis
d). Avian Encephalomyelitis

8. Ranikhet disease is caused by
a). Adeno virus type I
b). Birna virus
c). Herpes virus
d). Corona virus ?

9. Characteristic feature of canine distemper is
a). Biphasic fever
b). Reccurent fever
c). Malta fever
d). None of the above

10. Passive transfer of maternal immunoglobulins to calves depends on
a). Formation of colostrum with a high concentration of immunoglobulin by 
the dam
b). Ingestion of an adequate volume of colostrum by the calf
c). Efficient absorption of colostral immunoglobulins by the calf
d). All the above

1. Production of yellow clotted milk followed by agalactiae without inflammation is commonly seen in cows with mastitis caused by
a). Corynebacterium pyogenes
b). Strptococcus agalactiae
c). Staphylococcus aureus
d). Leptospires

2. False negative tuberculin tests may occur in
a). Very young cattle
b). Heavily parasitized cattle
c). Pregnant cow
d). Very old cattle

3. The Louping –ill is transmitted by
a). Ixodes ticks
b). Droplet infection
c). Through milk
d). All the above

4. Control of ephemeral fever is not so important when compared to other economically important diseases. Because,
a). Rapid recovery
b). No severe production loss
c). Solid immunity
d). All the above

5. ‘Pearl eye’ condition in birds is caused by
a). Corona virus
b). Paramyxovirus
c). Herpes virus
d). Adenovirus

6. Following are insect borne viral diseases except
a). Blue tongue
b). Sheep pox
c). Ephemeral fever
d). African horse sickness

7. In calves, FMDV mainly affects
a). Liver
b). Lung
c). Cardiac muscle
d). Skeletal muscle

8. Following diseases are vector-borne diseases except
a). Bovine ephemeral fever
b). Equine infectious anemia
c). Louping-ill
d). Hog cholera

9. Inflammation of the mammary gland is not the characteristic feature in one of the following pathogens
a). Staphylococcus aureus
b). Escherichia coli
c). Leptospira interrogans
d). Streptococcus agalactiae

10. Limber neck is a clinical feature in sheep caused by
a). Clostridium botulinum
b). Clostridium septicum
c). Clostridium perfringens
d). Clostridium novyi

1. ‘Tuberculin’ was first prepared by
a). Bernard Bang
b). Robert Koch
c). Louis Pasteur
d). Edward Jenner
2. Only one vertebrate host is required for
a). Cyclozoonosis b). Metazoonosis
c). Direct zoonosis d). Saprozoonosis

3. Caprine and ovine brucellosis is caused by
a). Brucella abortus b). Brucella suis
c). Brucella melitensis d). Brucella neotomae

4. Weil’s disease is due to
a). Leptospira hardjo b). Leptospira pomona
c). Leptospira icterohaemorrhagiae d). Leptospira canicola

5. Post mortem examination is contraindicated for the disease
a). Anthrax b). Rabies
c). Botulism d). Tuberculosis



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